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Bus tours - a modern and safe way to travel

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Bus tours – safe transportation and varied holidays

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Bus tours are becoming an ever more popular type of holiday. Firstly bus tours are the safest means of transport around and secondly bus tours are much cheaper than travelling with other means of transport. This means that in the future you should consider whether to hire a car, book a flight or go on bus tours for your holiday.


Different types of bus tours

Bus tours can be a simple trip from A to B offering a great alternative to travelling by train. You can travel by bus if you want to visit friends in Berlin or have a city break in Leipzig and like to book a holiday apartment. One of the advantages of bus tours is the price as bus tickets are much cheaper than train tickets. Furthermore bus tours are less dangerous than car and train journeys. Bus tours can also be presented by a company in a way that can be comparable to a cruise. There is a group of travelers lead and entertained by a tour guide. On such bus tours you visit different towns and stations and learn lots of interesting information and facts from the tour guide about the tourist attractions on route. These tours are offered with a variety of themes. There are bus tours for singles or couples, for young people or for the elderly, for families or big groups. If a group is so big that they can fill the bus just by themselves, then there is also the chance to have exciting bus tours where you set the agenda with your club, school class, bowling team or wedding party.


Go on bus tours and get to know interesting people

Regardless of whether you go on bus tours alone, as a couple, as a family or as group of friends, you can get to know new people in a relaxed atmosphere. No other means of transport has the same relaxed atmosphere that you get on bus tours. It is not rare to find that the person sitting next to you or those behind and in front of you, will start a wonderfully interesting discussion. After all, on a bus tour you have lots of time and you are not disturbed by the train staff constantly greeting and saying goodbye to the passengers. When you sit in a bus you can spend your whole time enjoying the journey and relaxing. For these reasons bus tours are a communicative, practical, cheap and safe means of travel.