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Travel on a cruise ship – all inclusive


Kreuzfahrt machen und ferne Laender entdecken
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Those who decide to go on a cruise can combine culture and recreation as a cruise is very varied. You are on the ship for one or two days and in this time you travel from island to island, from country to country. When the ship docks you can also disembark and discover things on land. In the evening you get back on board and travel overnight on the cruise ship to the next island.







Cruise liner – long distance cruises to distant lands

A cruise liner refers to a ship that transports people from one destination to another, usually over long distances such as transatlantic cruise liners. Such ships are usually faster and more robust than an ordinary cruise ship. As the main role is transportation, a cruise liner will make fewer stops providing an ideal cruise for those interested in enjoying the time at sea and the facilities provided on board the ship. At the end of your journey you can then enjoy a holiday in another country, perhaps visiting family or friends. When thinking of cruise liners, the luxury ships of the past with sophisticated passengers often come to mind, such as the Titanic for example. Although there are still plenty of elegantly furnished cruise ships for those enjoying such luxurious holidays, nowadays there is also a variety of more simply furnished cruise ships offering a variety of different themed holidays at lower costs such as singles cruises, family cruises, adventure cruises and dance cruises.

Go on a cruise and discover other countries

There is a classical differentiation as far as cruises are concerned between deep sea cruises and river cruises. A deep-sea cruise means travelling for example from Lisbon across the Atlantic to New York. A deep-sea cruise can also take place between island groups such as for example the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean area.  A river cruise, on the other hand, takes place exclusively on inland waters. The cruise ship travels along rivers. For example you could take a cruise along the Danube from Passau via Warsaw and Budapest to Vienna. Other popular rivers for cruises are the Rhine in Central Europe, the Nile in Africa and the Amazon in South America.
As you can see, a cruise is not just a cruise and it rarely means a boring holiday for old people. Cruises are popular and can be found within in every budget and meeting every demand. Dive into an adventure, go on a cruise, and discover distant lands and foreign cultures. And if you are partying all night on a cruise ship designed for younger people, look up and be amazed by the starry sky.

Or would you be happier spending a holiday with your feet on solid ground? Would you like to go on a city break for a few days and really get to know the metropolis of your choice? Then for you we recommend a city break to Paris, for example. You could even travel there on a bus tour. This way of travelling is environmentally friendly, sociable and very safe. And we have many holiday apartments to offer you there.