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Have a holiday by the sea in these regions of Germany



Have a holiday by the sea at Borkum
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The largest of the East Frisian islands is called Borkum. The island is a government approved North Sea spa and therefore is an optimal place for a restorative holiday by the sea. As well as the four wonderful sandy beaches which are manned by lifeguards during the holiday season, Borkum also offers all kinds of tourist attractions and cultural events for a varied holiday by the sea. Visit the Borkumriff lightship in the port at Borkum and learn all about what the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park has to offer. Visit all three of the lighthouses on the island. Near the old lighthouse you will also find the Dykhus Museum of Local History where you can learn all about the exciting history of the North Sea island.





Have a holiday by the sea at Heligoland
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Heligoland is Germany’s only offshore island and is secluded at about 70km from the mainland. As the island is very small with an area of just 1km², there are very few but also very idyllic holiday apartments on Heligoland. If you want to have a holiday by the sea on Heligoland, you must travel by boat or helicopter because the island is car-free. The island is a popular holiday destination all year round because of the typical offshore climate with very pollen-free air and only very small variations in temperature. In the winter the North Sea has a temperature of 5ºC and serves as a heat reservoir. In the winter it rarely gets colder than 2ºC making Heligoland the warmest place in Germany.




Have a holiday by the sea at Hiddensee
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This island in the Baltic Sea is located west of Rügen and belongs to Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Hiddensee is the only German island that is only accessible by boat as it is not linked to the mainland and is also completely car-free. For this reason, those tourists who have a holiday by the sea on Hiddensee get their luggage delivered to the holiday apartment by horse-drawn carriage. The Dornbusch lighthouse of Hiddensee is a landmark for the island. Located in the higher land on the island, it offers a nice change from sunbathing while on holiday by the sea. If you climb the 102 steps you will be rewarded with an impressive view. On the way back it is worth making a short detour to see the Lietzenburg, a wonderful villa in the art nouveau style which is classed as a listed monument.




Have a holiday by the sea on Juist
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The “most beautiful sandbank in the world” lies between Nordeney and Borkum offshore of the East Frisian peninsula and belongs to the German state of Lower Saxony. The island has gained this flattering epithet due to the fact that it is almost entirely made of sand and therefore has little fertile ground. This means the residents of Juist live almost entirely off tourism. The island is famous for offering a particularly relaxing holiday by the sea on the long sandy beaches. And for all those who need a break from sunbathing, it is worth walking along the spa promenade and the elaborately constructed viewing platforms. Visit the water tower on the highest dune of the island and the “Kurhaus Juist” seaside hotel which was constructed in 1898.




Have a holiday by the sea on Norderney
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This island which has been named as a climatic spa and a North Sea bath spa offers many holiday apartments for a relaxing spa holiday. With a surface area of 26.29 km², Nordeney is the second biggest island in the East Frisian archipelago which is established on the coast of Lower Saxony in Germany. You can reach the island daily from the harbour in Norddeich Mole by ferry or car ferry in within 50 minutes. There are four wonderful beaches where you can hire roofed wicker beach chairs awaiting you on the island behind white dunes of fine sand. The only windmill on the island, “Selden Rüst”, is a popular destination which can be reached easily by car or bike from your holiday accommodation.



North Sea

Have a holiday by the North Sea
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The North Sea on the edge of the Atlantic is bordered on three sides by land. Anyone who makes the North Sea coast of Germany their destination for their summer holiday by the sea can choose between sandy beaches and cliffs, between East Frisia and St Peter-Ording, holiday apartments and holiday homes, beach holidays and activity holidays. However there is one spectacle that no one who has a holiday by the coast by the North Sea can avoid: The tides. Visit the Wadden Sea World National Heritage site as designated by UNESCO. Experience the seemingly unreal retreat of the sea at low tide, take a walk and find everything from mussels to rare animal species to amber and wait in the early evening for the powerful flood of the high tide. A natural spectacle that must be experienced while on holiday on the North Sea coast of Germany.

Baltic Sea

Have a holiday by the Baltic Sea
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The Baltic Sea is bordered by land on four sides and lies between Scandinavia and the European mainland. As well as on the numerous islands such as Rügen and Sylt, Hiddensee and Usedom, you can also enjoy a wonderful holiday by the sea on the Baltic coast of Germany. Alongside the Hanseatic cities of Lübeck, Kiel and Rostock there are many spa towns such as Warnemünde, Glücksburg and Timmendorfer Strand along the Baltic Coast. For all those who want to experience something other than the finest relaxation of the summer holiday – sunbathing- the Baltic Sea also has something to offer. Whether surfing or diving, sailing or water skiing, sport is a priority for many on a holiday by the sea on the Baltic coast. For everyone else there is the Hansa theme park, the Sierksdorf Banana Museum, Doberan Abbey and much more to discover on the Baltic coast.



Have a holiday by the sea on Ruegen
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Germany’s biggest island lies off the coast of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and is one of the most popular holiday destinations of the German people. The Baltic Sea Island Rügen is linked to the mainland at the coastal town Strahlsund by means of the ca. 2 km wide Strelasund (Strela Sound). Rügen has many holiday apartments among other palces in the district town of Bergen or in the health resorts of Binz, Sellin, Göhren and Sassnitz. If you choose one of these places for your holiday accommodation, you can have a particularly varied holiday by the sea in Rügen. Visit the Jasmund National Park with the “Königsstuhl” chalk cliffs at its centre or view the neoclassical structures of Putbus. If you go on holiday by the sea with your family, you must see the Störtebecker festival of Ralswiek.



Have a holiday by the sea on Sylt
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Sylt is one of the most popular regions in Germany for those who want to have a holiday by the sea. The North Sea island off the coast of Schleswig Holstein has a lot to offer on top of the 40 km long sandy beaches. If you would like to experience the wonder of the tides by taking a walk on the mudflats, then rent holiday accommodation in List, the town on the highest point of Sylt. Travel to Kampen for your holiday by the sea if you would like to play golf or go sailing, surfing or diving. More than a hundred years ago glamorous stars and famous people chose Westerland, which with 9,000 residents is the biggest town on the North Sea island, for their holiday by the sea. Here you can wine and dine, go to the casino or have a look round the aquarium.




Have a holiday by the sea on Usedom
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The Baltic Sea island of Usedom belongs partly to Germany and partly to Poland. With a total of around 77,000 residents it is one of the most populated German islands. On top of this high population figure, the island teems with scores of tourists during the holiday season. As the island puts a lot of time and effort into the important branch of the economy, namely tourism, as well as the many holiday apartments and holiday homes there are numerous long and well-kept sandy beaches, fresh water lakes and nature reserves. For all those who want to enjoy a holiday by the sea and discover the local area, this island has a staggering number of tourist sites. These include the amber and imperial baths, a butterfly farm, climbing parks and farms, a roofed wicker beach chair factory and numerous other leisure activities for culture lovers and families with children.





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