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Have a holiday in the countryside in one of these regions of Germany


The Allgäu

Have a holiday in the countryside in the Allgaeu
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The Allgäu region, found in the foothills of the Southern German Alps, is a wonderful place for a holiday in the countryside. As well as mountain peaks to climb there are also many idyllic mountain villages and crystal clear lakes to enjoy. You can rent beautiful holiday accommodation in the Allgäu, far removed from the noise of the city and the smell of exhaust fumes allowing you enjoy the restorative mountain air. For those interested in sport there is everything from white-water rafting, to climbing to mountain biking. Depending on which part of the Allgäu you choose to rent holiday accommodation in, you can go on a day trip to the wonderful Neuschwanstein Castle near Füssen, built by King Ludwig II.



Lake Constance

Have a holiday in the countryside at Lake Constance
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Lake Constance is found in the north of the foothills of the Alps in Germany. Strictly speaking it is made up of the “Obersee” (Upper Lake) and “Untersee” (Lower Lake) connected by a stretch of the Rhine called the “Seerhein”. 173 km out 273 km of the banks of Lake Constance are found in Germany. The lake also borders Switzerland and Austria. Lake Constance is a fantastic place to go holiday in the countryside. Enjoy the sun either on the banks of the lake or aboard a boat and explore numerous popular destinations. On Mainau, the Island of Flowers, you can really feel like you are in the tropics. Explore the Sea Life Centre in idyllic Constance and visit the century old Benedictine Abbey on ReichenauIsland which has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.



Have a holiday in the countryside at Chiemsee
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The Chiemsee and the surrounding region of Chiemgauis one of the most popular regions in Bavaria for holidays in the countryside. A wonderful place for recreation, Chiemsee also impresses international tourists with the numerous sporting activities and cultural monuments it has to offer. For this reason there are enough holiday cottages and holiday homes around Chiemsee to satisfy all the different needs of tourists. If you would like to go sailing, water-skiing or windsurfing then you are in the right place at Chiemsee. If you would like to go walking then you can explore the nearby Chiemgauer Mountains. If you are passionate about culture, then get on a little boat to the Herreninsel where you can visit a fabulous castle of Ludwig II.



The Region of Münster

Have a holiday in the countryside in Muenster
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The region of Münster lies in the west of Germany bordering the Netherlands. It is particularly well known for its vast, flat landscape, picturesque little brick houses and its large and impressively equipped stables.  The region of Münster is a particularly great place to spend a holiday in the countryside. Here there are many options to relax and enjoy your free time. There are holiday apartments and holiday homes in small market towns such as Telgte or Saerbeck from which you can go on wonderful bike rides through the countryside surrounded by the peaceful nature. It is also worth making a trip to see the University town of Münster. If you travel to the town on a Saturday, a walk through the bustling market on the historical “Domplatz” (Cathedral Square) is a must after, of course, a necessary visit to the Paulus Dom (Münster Cathedral).


East Friesland

Have a holiday in the countryside in East Friesland
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East Friesland is a region in the North of Germany bordering the North Sea. The East Frisian Islands of Borkum, Juist, Norderney, Baltrum, Langeoog and Spiekeroog also belong to East Friesland. The region has been characterised for many years by agriculture, fishing and trade but today tourism has become the most important branch of the economy of East Friesland. There is, therefore, a multitude of holiday apartments and holiday homes to rent both on the coast of the North Sea and in the bigger towns such as Norden, Wittmund and Emden. There are many great tourist attractions to visit on day trips from your holiday accommodation such as the leaning church tower of Suurhusen, Lutetsburg Castle or Norderburg Castle in Dornum allowing you to get to know the many-sided character East Friesland.



Have a holiday in the countryside in the Palatinate
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The Palatinate is a versatile holiday region in the South West of Germany. Visit Hambach Castle located on a hill in an idyllic landscape covered in vines and horse chestnut trees. For those who aren’t afraid to visit cities while on holiday in the countryside, Speyer makes a great destination for a day out. Speyer Cathedral is after all a World Heritage Site. If walking and vineyards are the main attractions for you on holiday in the countryside then you should book holiday accommodation in tranquil Bad Dürkheim and walk along the wine route which has even managed to make a name for itself internationally. If you prefer mountaineering then you should choose holiday accommodation in the Palatinate Highland.




Have a holiday in the countryside in the Rheingau
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The Rheingau is one of thirteen growing areas for quality wine in Germany. The most cultivated grape variety in this region of Hesse located around the westward flowing River Rhine is the Riesling grape variety. Those who want a holiday in the countryside will find the Rheingau an ideal destination with the possibility of taking walks along the Rhine or of having a cycling holiday, cycling between the various picturesque market towns. If you book holiday accommodation in Eltville or Wallruf, for example, then you could have a day trip to the nearby state capital, Wiesbaden. A trip to Schloss Johannesberg, wine tasting at small vineyards and having a gloriously simple lunch at one of the numerous wine taverns are further excellent activities for your holiday in the countryside of the Rheingau.


The Rhineland

Have a holiday in the countryside in the Rhineland
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 The Rhineland is in southwest Germany and stretches across the three states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse. The Lower Rhine, including Düsseldorf, also forms part of the Rhineland. Other areas of the Rhineland are the Eifel and Hünsruck low mountain ranges and the Rhine Hessian hill country. The situation and size of the Rhineland makes it not just suitable for holidays in the countryside. Depending on which part of the Rhineland you are interested in, you can simultaneously relax by the idyllic man-made reservoir, wander through expansive forests, climb high peaks, visit numerous cultural monuments such as castles and palaces and discover major cities. Visit Schloss Augustusburg in Cologne, Aachen Cathedral and the Deutsches Eck (German Corner), the place in Coblenz where the Moselle River joins the Rhine.



The Sauerland

Have a holiday in the countryside in the Sauerland
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The Sauerland lies in the west of Germany in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. In comparison to the German average it is very sparsely populated. The small population is one of the reasons for the unspoilt deep green forests, wide mellow green valleys and numerous drinking water reservoirs. The Sauerland is a popular and versatile holiday destination in both summer and winter. Here you can have a skiing holiday in Winterberg or a farm holiday or summer holiday in the countryside and rent holiday accommodation for example in farms or in small market towns. There are also many tourist sights to discover in Sauerland. Visit the Karl-May festival in Elspe, explore the Balver caves and Bilstein castle and enjoy a wonderful holiday in the Sauerland.



The Spreewald

Have a holiday in the countryside in the Spreewald
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The Spreewald (The Spree Woods) is suitable for anyone who wants a holiday in the countryside. The water-meadow and moorland landscape are of national significance for nature conservation as a biosphere reserve. For this reason the Spreewald is one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany. Those passionate about holidays in the countryside will appreciate both the unspoilt nature of the Spree and the various tourist attractions. The cities are perfect for a varied holiday in the Spreewald. There are many holiday apartments and homes on offer here. In the Spreewelten Bad in Lübbenau you and your children can even go swimming with penguins! In Vetschau you will also be impressed by the reconstruction of the Slawenburg (Slavic Castle).





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