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Have a holiday in the mountains of Germany


The Alps

Have a holiday in the mountains in the Alps
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The Alps are found in southern Germany and seven other countries. They are the highest mountains in Europe and join many peaks including the German “Zugspitze” and the French “Mont Blanc”. There is nowhere else in Europe where you can have such a variety of holidays in the mountains. If you are a passionate skier then you should travel to the Alps during the winter months. If you enjoy mountain climbing you should rent a holiday apartment in spring or autumn. These seasons are also suitable for other alpine sports. For city lovers we would recommend a short trip to Munich, the Bavarian metropolis with a typically German way of life, which is only about 100km away from many regions of the Alps.



The Bavarian Forest

Have a holiday in the mountains im the Bavarian Forest
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The Bavarian Forest in south-east Germany bordering the Czech Republic offers many wonderful hiking trails for those who like to holiday in the mountains. The Bavarian Forest National Park is particularly perfect for this. It almost resembles a primeval forest in the way that the flora has established itself far from industry and civilisation. For those mountaineers with high ambitions, the “Große Arber” presents a real challenge at 1455 metres. All holiday makers looking for accommodation near Frauenau should definitely visit the glass museum and the church “Kirche Maria Himmelfahrt”. The town is also home to the extraordinarily beautiful “Trinkwassertalsperre” (man-made water reservoir) which you can easily walk or cycle around.



The Eifel

Have a holiday in the mountains in the Eifel
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The Eifel is the most western mountain range in Germany and lies between Aachen, Trier and Koblenz. If you decide to spend your holiday in the Eifel mountain range, as well as climbing mountains you can also climb volcanoes and swim in volcanic lakes. The Eifel contains ash volcanoes and basalt domes such as the “Hohe Acht” und the “Ernstberg” to name but the two highest peaks of this low mountain range. If hiking and natural phenomena are not the only things you are interested in experiencing during your holiday in the mountains, then you could visit the economic highlights of the tourist region. Alongside the two bottlers of mineral water, Gerolsteiner and Apollinaris, the Bitburger brewery has also established itself in the Eifel.



The Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge)

Have a holiday in the Ore Mountains
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The Ore Mountains situated in the German state of Saxony are not only a suitable holiday destination for mountain climbers. In the Ore Mountains you can combine a mountain holiday with trips to wonderful small towns and interesting monuments. If you rent a mountain hut in Annaberg-Buchholz for example, St Anne’s Church is a must see! From there you should also make a trip to Schloss Frauenstein and the old castle ruins. In the Burg Scharfenstein, a ruined castle south of Chemnitz, there is a Christmas and Toy Museum that is excellent for families with children. If you decide to have a winter holiday in the mountains then you should definitely visit the Christmas markets in the idyllic spa town Seiffen.



The Harz

Have a holiday in the mountains in the Harz
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The highest mountain range in North Germany consists mostly of nature parks. The Harz National Park is the first national park to stretch across multiple German states; Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Those looking for a typical mountain holiday get their money’s worth in The Harz. The Brocken is the professed goal of fit hikers. If you choose holiday accommodation in Wendefurth or Almsfeld you can walk around the man-made reservoir behind the Wendefurth Dam. If your holiday apartment is in Bad Harzburg, you should visit the gabbro stone quarry. Another trip particularly worth doing is to the Bode Gorge which is covered in deciduous woodland.




Have a holiday in the mountains in Hunsrueck
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Even though the Hunsrück mountain range is not classified as a protected area for birds, you can still spot different songbirds and birds of prey such as woodpeckers and the rare black stork. For those who want to see other animals as well as birds during their holiday in the mountains don’t need to wait for long in the forests and the glades to see roe deer, wild cats, badgers, red foxes and much more. The Hunsrück mountain range is great for walking holidays. From the different holiday apartments in Hunsrück, you can go on long hikes for example along the 118km long Ausoniusweg (Ausonius Way). For much of the route this footpath follows the historic Roman road and so is not just a highlight for nature lovers but also for tourists interested in the history of Hunsrück.



The Röhn Mountains

Have a holiday in the in the Rhön Mountains
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This low mountain range lies in the middle of Germany between the states of Bavaria, Hesse and Thuringia. Despite its small size of about 1500 km², the Röhn mountain range is a popular destination for all those who like to holiday in the mountains. After all “Wasserkuppe” is surprisingly high at 950 metresand only expert hikers would be bored by it. And for those who need a break from hiking, there are various other things to enjoy in the Röhn Mountains. Visit the Stately Pheasantry (Schloss Fasanerie) in Eichenzell in Fulda which exhibits an impressive collection of art and porcelain. If you are on holiday in the mountains with your children, then you can’t miss the Klausdorf wildlife park where you can get really close to roe deer, stags, pheasants, wild boar and peacocks.



The Black Forest

Have a holiday in the mountains in the Black Forest
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The Black Forest in Baden Württemberg has the highest peak of all the low mountain ranges in Germany. The “Feldberg” has an elevation of 1500m. International hikers and climbers come to the Black Forest making it one of the most popular holiday regions for holidays in the mountains. While hiking through the dark green fir forests, across the soft green meadows of the idyllic glades, over crystal clear brooks and up one of the peaks of the Black Forest, you can experience nature in its purest and most undisturbed state. Rent holiday apartments in one of the most tranquil towns such as Gengenbach with its picturesque city gates and timbered houses. Visit Glottertal where “Die Schwarzwaldklinik“, a German medical drama was once filmed and admire the Triberg waterfalls, over which water falls a distance of 162m.



The Taunus

Have a holiday in the mountains in the Taunus
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The Taunus is one of the oldest mountain ranges in Germany and is located in Hesse. The highest peak is the Große Feldberg. It is 881m high and should not be confused with the Feldberg in the Black Forest, which at 1493m is considerably higher. Although the Taunus borders the urban area of the Rhine-Main-Region, the mountain range itself is in places very sparsely populated. Despite this however there are plenty of holiday apartments and tourist sites in Taunus. Visit the Hessenpark open-air museum, the wonderful old town of Königsstein or the Opelzoo in Kronberg. In Hasselbach there is a parrot park and on the Feldberg itself you can find the oldest falconry in Hesse.



The Westerwald

Have a holiday in the mountains in the Westerwald
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At 656m, the “Fuchskaute” is the highest peak in the Westerwald although the “Stegskopf” is only 2 metressmaller. From the peaks of these mountains there is a wonderful view over the varied landscape of the Westerwald which is found in Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and in particular Rhineland-Palatinate. In 2008 the 235km long “Westerwaldsteig” hiking trail was opened for all tourists who like to have holidays in the mountains of Westerwald. As well as hiking, there are lots of other sporting activities that you can enjoy in the Westerwald. From climbing to kite-flying to mountain biking, there are many different things on offer for sportsmen and women and plenty of holiday accommodation to choose from. And for all those who simply want to relax on their holiday in the mountains, the Westerwald offers a huge variety of spas and health oases.




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Holiday in the countryside

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