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Perfectly staged photos of a holiday apartment make it very inviting. Therefore good photos, in which everything is recognizable, are extremely important. Learn about the characteristics of good photos on our owner advice page or employ a professional.









Accommodation photography in the area of Berlin


Christiane Kleine

  • Time required on site about 45 minutes
  • Picture editing
  • Photos on a CD, unlimited usage rights
  • Price between 80 and 130 Euros plus VAT.
  • Specific objects on request

Bötzowstr. 6
10407 Berlin



Ivo Gretener

  • Time required on site: 30 - 45 minutes
  • Minimum 10 pictures
  • Picture editing: Simple (Including colour correction, light exposure)
  • Price: 95 Euros

Manitiusstrasse 16
10247 Berlin
mobile: +49-178-172-6722
studio: +49-30-700-89-287


If you are interested in accommodation photography in other cities such as Leipzig, Lisbon, London, Paris, Barcelona or Madrid, please get in touch with us. 



Accommodation videos


If you are interested in contacts for professional video makers, please get in touch with us.