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Short glossary of terms for holiday accommodation

Apartment hotel

An apartment hotel is a hotel consisting of individual apartments. It combines the advantages of both types of holiday accommodation. Usually all the apartments are individually furnished and offer the charm of a small holiday apartment. There is usually a separate bathroom and a kitchen or kitchenette. However you also have the possibility to have breakfast or even all your meals in the apartment hotel instead of cooking for yourself. Apartment hotels are common on the coast. They are particularly great for families who enjoy the advantage of indulging in the comfort of a hotel while also being able to cater for themselves as they choose.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast usually refers to a small guesthouse or a supplier of guest apartments which, on top of a bedroom with a separate bathroom, also offers breakfast to the guests. This meal provides you with a great start to the day while on holiday. Over breakfast you can get to know the owner of the bed and breakfast and the other guests so that you can easily learn about the country, the culture and the people. Bed and breakfast is the classic form of holiday accommodation as people have enjoyed staying in such accommodation on their travels for centuries.


A ground level house with just one floor is called a bungalow. This type of holiday home is found in holiday destinations all over the world. For example there are even whole holiday complexes made up of one bungalow after another. The advantage of such accommodation in comparison to free standing houses is that you can share a garden and pool with other holiday makers but spend time away from them on your own terrace. A bungalow is great for families with small children as there is no fear of them falling down the stairs. Furthermore a bungalow is an ideal form of holiday accommodation for people in wheel chairs as you can move around freely without barriers.

Holiday home

In some countries it is usual for families to own a holiday home in the countryside or by the sea. They travel there for the weekend or during the school holidays to get away from the stressful life in the city centre. If you are not the lucky owner of such a holiday home then simply rent one. As well as for families, holiday homes are ideal for big groups as there is usually a lot of space for you to relax and unwind without being observed by others. It can also be much cheaper to rent one holiday home with lots of rooms than several holiday apartments to fit everyone in.

Holiday accommodation

Holiday accommodation is usually the umbrella term for all types of holiday residences. This includes holiday apartments, hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes, guestrooms, apartment hotels, bungalows and villas. These are all popular places to stay for a comfortable holiday. The prices vary according to the type and furnishing of the holiday accommodation.

Holiday apartment

A holiday apartment is a type of holiday accommodation that is becoming ever more popular. It is characterized by a bedroom and living room (which are in some cases combined), a kitchen or kitchenette and a separate bathroom. In comparison to a hotel, holiday apartments are often cheaper forms of accommodation as you don´t have the daily cleaning and room service that you would get in a hotel. Tourists who choose holiday apartments like to look after themselves and enjoy the advantages of being independent.

Guest flat

People who live in a large house or own a practice often offer a guest flat. This is a flat that is attached to or found within the main building but is accessible by a separate entrance. This means that you don´t run the fear of meeting your landlord in the hallway or even in the bathroom in a guest flat. As well as a separate entrance, a guest flat also has a kitchen or kitchenette which is furnished with all the necessary electrical appliances. The bathroom is also only accessible from the guest flat. This means that in a guest flat you can have a wonderful and undisturbed stay.

Guest apartment

A guest apartment is different to a guest flat simply in terms of the size of the premises. A guest apartment is considerably larger and has more living and bedrooms. A guest apartment can also be found in the form of a summerhouse or pool house in the grounds of a large villa.

Guest room

People who live alone, in shared flats, married couples and families who have a room available often offer this room to tourists. A guest room doesn´t usually have a separate entrance, private bathroom or kitchen. The guest renting the guest room can of course use the shared bathroom in the house or flat. Whether the kitchen is also available is something that is settled individually.

Furnished accommodation

Those who prefer furnished accommodation will be happy in any of the holiday accommodation. After all, on holiday you will need a certain amount of furniture. Furnished accommodation refers more to rooms, flats and even houses that can be rented for a longer period of time. This could be a room in a shared flat which you stay in for one or two months while doing a work placement in foreign city. However holiday apartments can also be suitable for furnished living. If you are away in a new place on business or for private reasons for a few weeks, then you probably don´t want to spend your time in an anonymous hotel. For this reason, lots of companies and individuals who offer holiday apartments have also specialised in furnished accommodation. Such types of holiday accommodation are often characterised by its upmarket furnishings that enable you to be excited about your longer term furnished stay.

Private room

Holiday makers can book a private room in a private household. They will get a room containing all the necessary furnishings for an overnight stay. A separate bathroom is rarely included. This is usually shared with the other inhabitants. Sometimes the joint use of the kitchen is also allowed. A private room has the advantage that it is considerably cheaper than a hotel room. When renting a private room you can usually get to know new people who might even give you some great tips for places to visit.

Overnight accommodation

Overnight accommodation does not exclude a hotel, guesthouse, holiday apartment or guestroom but it usually means private accommodation. This could be with friends or acquaintances, friends of friends or distant relatives or could be found by searching online. If you type overnight accommodation in to a search engine you will get guestrooms, guest apartments, guest accommodation and guesthouses for, for example, a holiday in the mountains. If you are prepared to pay more for the overnight accommodation you can expect a separate room. However you shouldn´t have too many other demands if you are searching for overnight accommodation urgently. The advantage: Many people offer overnight accommodation for free because they enjoy getting to know new people.

Room in a shared flat

In a shared flat you will find that from time to time there is a room temporarily available. For example when one of the tenants is away for a couple of months abroad, they will often sublet their room for this time period. This could be possible for a couple of days or for the whole time period. Such a room is furnished and the bathroom and kitchen will be shared with the other tenants. The atmosphere is usually very informal making it easy to get into conversation and meet new people.

Place to stay

In contrast to overnight accommodation, a place to stay usually refers to a longer period of time. Those looking for a room or guest apartment for a couple of weeks or months can find this fairly cheaply. Many shared flats often offer a place to live for strangers for example when a flat mate is away travelling. The place to stay is characterized by amiable contact with flat mates. A place to stay rarely refers to a guest apartment.

Temporary living

Temporary living in Berlin is very popular as many people travel to the city on business for a few days, weeks or months. A place to stay and overnight accommodation are both good and cheap options for temporary living. Those who want some peace and quiet after a day´s work could also rent a holiday apartment or a guest apartment for temporary living in Berlin or other capital cities. Temporary living normally, though not always, means furnished living as for a limited period of time people often don´t want to acquire or take any furniture with them. Temporary living is becoming ever easier thanks to the globalised world and communication over the internet.

Rent an apartment

This term means that you commit yourself to rent an apartment for certain period of time. It doesn´t make a difference whether this is for three days in a holiday apartment while on a city break or three weeks in a guest apartment or even three months in another form of overnight accommodation. You can make use of premises anywhere for a certain period of time and pay the landlord for this. To rent an apartment is an expression that can equally be used for a long or short period of time.