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The most popular skiing areas in Europe

Here you will find the best tips for an unforgettable skiing holiday.



A great skiing area in Germany: The Allgäu

The Allgäu extends on the German side across many regions from Upper Swabia through Bavarian Swabia and right up to the south eastern part of Baden-Württemberg. It also includes some of the border regions of Austria. Well known places and cities in the Allgäu include Pfronten, Füssen, Kempten and Kaufbeuren. The Allgäu Alps and the Nebelhorn are some of the most well-known mountain ranges in the region. The Allgäu is the biggest winter sport area of Germany and is characterised both scenically and culturally by mountains and lakes. Those who would like to spend their winter or ski holiday here can experience great hikes or snow-shoe tracks in unspoiled natural surroundings. Alpine sports enthusiasts as well as those not interested in sport can discover most of the areas by means of mountain railways. Those who don’t want to forgo culture during their winter holiday can visit the royal palaces of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau in Ostallgäu. The natural monument “Eistobel” (“ice ravine”) is also a must in Westallgäu. Here visitors traverse a gorge surrounded by waterfalls, snow and ice attractions. Guests can also enjoy the culinary pleasures of Kässpätzle and Nonnafürz on their winter holiday. Cheers!

Winter holiday in the Harz: snow guaranteed

You can have a wonderfully relaxing winter holiday and active ski holiday in the Harz, the most northern mountain range of Germany. The most well-known mountain in the Harz is the Brocken, with an altitude of 1141m. Although the Harz does not offer particularly high peaks, there are well established cross country ski runs and toboggan runs. Those who love to go tobogganing should definitely try the toboggan lift in Torfhaus. Here ski lifts are used which transport the toboggan and rider up the mountain, lit with floodlights. You can have just as much fun on the snow tubing facilities in St. Andreasberg. Here too you are transported up the mountain by ski lift but then travel down again on tyres! Those who like to practice Nordic disciplines during their skiing holidays should use the long and well-looked after facilities here.


Enjoy a winter holiday and skiing fun in the Ötztal Alps in Tyrol

The Ötztal is one of the most popular winter sport regions of Austria. The 65 km long alpine valley has much variety to offer from a scenic point of view. Extensive cornfields are positioned in the middle of a giant glacial region, edged with colourful orchards. Climatically you find yourself in a mild and dry region with a guarantee of snow from October to May. The most well-known place in the Ötztal is Sölden. The largest and most popular ski races take place here on the 148 kilometres of pistes. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional the luxuriously long and overly wide pistes provide fun for every winter sportsman or woman on their skiing holiday.  There are many different ski schools enabling you to try everything from alpine skiing to cross-country skiing to snowboarding. Those who want to approach their skiing holiday more slowly, have the chance to explore the BIG3 thoroughly by foot, as the three Austrian three-thousanders are found in this region, all connected with lifts! The Ötztal itself and the Ötztal Open Air Museum are of cultural importance as are the many small country inns where you can enjoy hearty Kässpatzen, Tyrolean ham and roast as made by the locals on your winter holiday.

Relaxation and activity holiday in Styria

A very popular and well visited skiing area is Styria. Styria is the second biggest federal state in Austria. Far across the border of Austria, the federal state of Salzburg is just as well known as the „green gold“, the Styrian pumpkin seed oil. Graz is not only the state capital of Styria but also the native town of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Furthermore Graz was named the European Cultural Capital in 2003 and the medieval old town can also present itself as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This alone is a good enough reason to spend a wonderful winter holiday here near the four enchanting wine routes and the former fortress Grazer Schlossberg, which has even found its place in the Guinness book of records as a building that has never been occupied. The north of Styria is characterised by snow-white mountains and offers all the sporting activities you could wish for on a skiing holiday. 860 kilometres of slopes and 20 cross country ski routes with seals of approval make a skiing holiday here a very special experience particularly in the Nordic disciplines. In the South you can enjoy pure relaxation on your winter holiday. There are steaming hot thermal springs and spa facilities available for this purpose.


What do you assocciate with L´Alpes d´Huez?

The French Alps are very popular as a travel destination because in these high alpine regions fun and snow are guaranteed on a skiing holiday. In L´Alpe d'Huez, located on the south side of Grandes Rousses, 237 km of slopes in all levels of difficulty await you. The famous Sarenne descent is the longest piste in the world at 16 km and is also linked to three other pistes. Cross country skiers have 50km of routes to enjoy. On a ski holiday in L´Alpe d´Huez you can also have fun travelling or skiing in the dark thanks to the extensive lighting systems. The terrain park with half pipe is also well loved by snowboarders and climbing enthusiasts can attempt ice climbing. The whole skiing area is well connected with ski lifts and toboggan runs so that even children and hikers can reach the summits. L’Alpe d’Huez has made a name for itself with the holding of bobsleigh races and as the finishing point for an important mountain stage of the Tour de France, but this skiing area has a lot more to offer. It is well worth spending a comfortable winter holiday or active ski holiday here!

Chamonix: Discover the skiing area where the Winter Olympics was born.

The skiing area of Chamonix in the east of France is surrounded by large mountain ranges in the Rhône-Alpes region where snow is guaranteed. What started with a small primordial village is today a coveted winter sport metropolis. Those who know this region well appreciate in particular the variety that is offered to them on a winter holiday. 155 km of slopes offer extreme skiing and Freeriding as well as snow shoe hiking, fun on the open-air skating rink or ice climbing courses. The summit of Aiguille du Midi, which has an altitude of 3842 m, can be reached comfortably with the second highest cable car in Europe. Those who like to have something more thrilling can start the season of the ski holiday with a descent in the Vallée Blanche, which is the quickest descent in the world. Chamonix is not treated as the centre of alpinism in France for nothing. Whether climbing, cross-country skiing or Freeriding: Chamonix satisfies every guest on a skiing holiday with its hospitality and great recreational and extreme sport activities.  

   Czech Republic

Have a different holiday in the Czech Republic: Rokytnice nad Jizerou in the Krkonoše (or Giant Mountains)

The skiing region of Rokytnice nad Jizerou lies in the west of Krkonoše, the largest mountain range in the Czech Republic. SnÄ›žka is the highest peak at 1602 m. The mountain spirit, Rübezahl, is said to live in the National Park conservation area. Anyone planning a holiday in this region can look forward to the best pistes of the Czech Republic. As regards the climate, here you can anticipate changeable weather. In winter it is very cold and the highest snow accumulation of 3 metres can last up to six months. Those who would like to experience a great winter holiday in this windy region can use the T-bar lifts and the longest chair lift in the country to reach the long pistes in every level of difficulty. Those who like going cross-country skiing on a skiing holiday are just as well rewarded with great runs in Studenov and Horní Domky as the snowboarders are in the terrain park. Cultural enjoyment is also provided by the many museums, music events and tasty food such as bread dumplings, hog roast and Czech beer.

Experience a fantastic fairy-tale winter holiday in the Ore Mountains

The Ore Mountains in the Czech Republic have a lot to offer as far as great winter holidays or varied ski holidays go. Bozi Dar is, for example, the largest skiing area in the Ore Mountains and everyone really gets their money’s worth here from professional mountaineers to beginners. Many kilometres of slopes and attractive offers are available for children and cross-country skiers. The area around Klinovec is very well connected with lifts so that there are no problems reaching the top of the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. This area is well loved by winter holiday makers as there are many well-formed hiking routes and nature trails. Those who don’t just want to stay out in the cold despite being on a winter holiday can visit the many museums, monuments and swimming pools. As regards the weather visitors to Bozi Dar are offered everything: temperatures from -15°C with sunshine or 0°C but raining. Snow fall varies with an average of 80-120cm. You can top off your ski holiday in the Bozi Dar with the culinary pleasures of marinated beef, bohemian bread dumplings and a typical Czech beer.


Family-friendly: Experience a skiing holiday in the Scandinavian Alps

The skiing area of Hemsedal is one of the best winter sport areas in Scandinavia. Here you can enjoy long skiing holidays as snow is guaranteed on the 2000m high mountain peaks until May. Hemsedal is particularly family orientated. There is a large ski school which specialises in professional children’s lessons and the slopes are specially prepared with snow canons. But that is not all; the Trollia Kindergarten is also located here and is open throughout the winter season so that parents can have a proper skiing holiday while the children are looked after elsewhere. In Hemsedal, 43 kilometres of slopes in all levels of difficulty, a snowboard park, a slalom course for children and skiing pleasure at night for adults helps tourists get an ultimate kick out of their winter holiday. Rustic Norwegian cuisine in great restaurants and pubs with live music help guests to really enjoy their skiing holiday as does the fact that in Hemsedal you can start your day on skis straight away from all hotels and housing areas.

Following the footsteps of the Olympic athletes in Lillehammer

The skiing area of Lillehammer became known after the Winter Olympics were held here in 1994. It includes the five skiing resorts Hafjell, Kvitfjell, Skeikampen, Gålå and Sjusjøen, which all lie a maximum of 1 hour away from Lillehammer. Even Oslo and Göteborg are quickly reached. The Norwegians love cross country skiing and those who are looking forward to a skiing holiday in Lillehammer purely because of the cross country runs are justified. Lillehammer is referred to as the capital of cross country skiing in Norway. 350 km of fabulous cross country ski runs await the guest on a winter holiday in this region. Surrounded by mountains and forests, you can really relax on a skiing holiday in Sjusjøen. But it is also ideal for skiers and snowboarders with 95 great slopes in all levels of difficulty. Two of the slopes are even exclusively for children! A special feature of this area is that the ski lift passes of two days or more are valid for all the five ski locations mentioned already. For those who would like to spend their winter holiday surrounded by nature we would recommend elk safaris and journeys on sleighs pulled by dogs or horses. Those who would like to spend a night in a spectacular ice hotel or who would like to experience snow rafting should definitely spend a holiday in Lillehammer. Even in the town of Lillehammer itself guests can be active, scaling the Lysgårdsbakken ski jump arena. There are 954 steps to climb up and then you are rewarded with a fantastic view of the surrounding area. Anyone who has spent a skiing holiday or a winter holiday in the skiing area of Lillehammer knows why this is one of the most popular areas of Europe.

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